The New Cemetery

The New Cemetery, attached to Great Yarmouth Minster (St Nicholas Church), was used for the burial of Royal Naval Hospital patients in the latter part of the 19th century and the first few years of the 20th century.

The graves are no more, but the burial markers have been aligned alongside the Belvidere Road boundary wall. There are 233 markers in the form of a stone cross with an engraved metal plate giving basic details of name, rank, date of death and age. The only other inscription is of the letters IHS representing the first three letters of the Greek Holy Name of Jesus.

Photo © www.rnhgy.org.uk

The dates of death range from 1883 to 1906, with the ages at death ranging from 27 to 89. The most senior Naval rank shown is Vice Admiral (Albert Heseltine) whose entry in the Naval Biographical Dictionary of 1849 is shown here:


As well as Royal Navy servicemen, the burials included those who served in the Royal Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant Service and various Indian Army regiments.

Of the 233 crosses, one has lost its plate, whilst 8 have no details apart from the name.

This attachment lists the burial markers in alphabetical order:



St Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth Minster (photo © www.rnhgy.org.uk)


To assist in family history research, photographs of individual burial markers can be e-mailed free of charge on request.


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