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Imperial Service Medal

As can be seen from the Censuses, a number of the attendants and staff worked at the Hospital worked for many years, and on retirement several received an award of the Imperial Service Medal.

The medal was established in 1902 by King Edward VII and awarded to selected civil servants on retirement in recognition of their 'long and meritorious service', meaning at least 25 years.

In addition, Basil Edward Wells, Chief Male Nurse, was awarded an OBE on 31 May 1956 in the Queen's Birthday Honours list.

The awards were announced in the London Gazette and the Edinburgh Gazette.



James Bedingfield (photo courtesy Darren Bedingfield)


Imperial Service Medal

James Bedingfield - attendant on lunatics (8 July 1912) 

James High - chief attendant on lunatics (30 September 1912)

Thomas Masters - chief attendant on lunatics (30 June 1915)

William Petch Greaves - butler (30 September 1915)

Joseph Long - attendant on lunatics (15 January 1916)

William Turner - gardener (7 September 1920)

Herbert Brown - gate porter (5 November 1920)

Alfred Harpley - cook (4 November 1922)

Edward Tripp - attendant on mental patients (4 November 1926)

John Guy -  chief attendant (2 June 1927)

Frederick Robert Bammant - head attendant (2 July 1927)

Albert George Smith - attendant on mental patients (26 February 1929)

John Benjamin Tripp - attendant (4 December 1929)

Robert Dent Tooley - attendant on mental patients (5 September 1930)

Ernest Brown Hacon - attendant (6 November 1931)

Arthur Johnson - head attendant (9 April 1936)

Arthur Benjamin Steward - attendant for mental patients (7 June 1941)


Order of the British Empire (Ordinary Member of Civil Division)

Basil Edward Wells Esq - chief male nurse (31 May 1956)





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